RIP - Quenton 08/21/98 to 10/28/09

I had to say goodbye today to an old and dear friend.

This morning at 6:45AM my wife went downstairs to give our two cats their morning treats. We could not find our oldest cat Quenton. My wife went into the basement to see if he was down there and found him laying in the litter box, unable to get up and walk. We had no idea what was wrong, but I got dressed as quick as I could, called the 24 hour animal hospital to get directions and took him there.

A blood clot had led to Quenton having a stroke. He had likely been in pain for several hours before we discovered him. He did not complain at all until my wife had found him, and then it was obvious he was in pain. His chances for recovery where nil, so we had him put to sleep. I was there at the end with him, telling him he was such a wonderful pet and I would miss him dearly.

We got Quenton 6 days after we got married. The first date above is when we adopted him. We have no idea how old he really was, probably 13 or 14. It was my first cat (I had dogs when I was younger) and we adopted him from a cat rescue program in Toronto. He had bounced around to 7 different shelters before we adopted him and saved him. He was a beautiful black and white cat, very large but lean and super friendly towards people. He would act like a bully at times towards our younger cat we got afterwards, but that's the dominance game for you.

I know people might think I'm a bit of dick the way I talk to people at times. But I loved this damn cat. He was my companion during the times when I was out of work and looking after my oldest daughter when she was a baby. He would jump up into my lap and sit with me when I was working on the computer, but stopped doing it when I started working in the basement 4 years ago.

He was my wife's constant companion after dinner, climbing up into her lap while she was watching TV. He'd stand next to me at the dinner table, not begging for scraps (because he knew I wouldn't give him any) but just because he wanted me to pet him.

I can't believe he's gone. I can't believe he had to suffer in such a horrible way. I will never forget you Quenton. You can call me a softie for caring so much about a pet, but I don't care. I can always get another pet, but I will never be able to replace you.

I'm going to miss your deep rumbling purr any time one of us got near you. I'm going to miss how you would always be so excited that I picked you up for a cuddle that you would drool on me and only me. I'm going to miss so many things about you that I simply cannot put into words.

I know you're in a better place now Quenton. Thanks for 11 years of wonderful memories. I'm so sorry I had to put you to sleep. I don't know if I can ever get over it.