November Blogging Challenge - Day 1

For the month of November I am going to be trying out an experiment. I'm going to post Monday to Friday all November long. The posts might be small. They might be verbose. They might cover topics you had no idea I was interested in. But be ready.

My friend Kevin is the one who introduced me to the world of vim and his ability to get paid to build things using my new favourite language fills me with envy. He has also gone on (at length) to me in IM about why I should also be investigating GNU screen to use as part of my toolkit.

See, I have this annoying habit of opening up multiple Terminal/Iterm sessions when I am doing things. Most of the time, it's to quickly open up a session to a remote server. I figure if I am going to do that sort of thing all the time, I should probably just bite the bullet and use screen's awesome ability to start up a session on a remote machine and then simply detach it. Then, when I need access to that server again, just resume the session. So simple, so of course it never occurred to me.

Given that I work in the shell so much (between vim and other CLI tools) it has become obvious to me that screen is a tool I should've been using for a long time, and only ignorance (or is it pride in doing things the wrong way ;) ) prevented me from investigating it.