New Site for "Refactoring Legacy Applications using CakePHP"

While looking around for conferences to speak at that were within a decent drive of my home, I managed to come into contact with Jason Gilmore, who also sells PHP books via EasyPHPWebsites. He saw that I had written this book and offered to put it up for sale via his site. As a result, the price of the book has gone up by $3 to handle some of the new costs, but I'm much happier with the marketing effort that will be accompanying the book. Jason makes his living doing this sort of thing, so I'm happy to have a mentor for this process. I have plans for future books, some of them not even in PHP. ;)

Bundled with the PDF will be access to some PHP-related screencasts. Unfortunately I will not be able to offer videos to existing customers, only for new purchasers of the book.

The cost of the print-on-demand copy hasn't changed, and sometime later today I will be uploading a version of the book with the hot new cover. I don't think the price will be changing at all.