My Next Book

Okay, so since the first book has been a pretty good success for me, I've been thinking about writing a second book. Will be the same format: PDF, under 100 pages, selling for between $10 and $20. So that got me to thinking "what topic could I go on and on about like an idiot in regards to programming and CakePHP in general?"

I've become a believer in Test Driven Development and TATFT practices (thanks to Giles Bowkett for his blog posts espousing the concept. So why not combine that with my knowledge (no jokes from Nate allowed) of CakePHP and produce another inexpensive book. Thus, the seeds of "Test Driven Development Using CakePHP" have been planted in my mind.

Of course, the book will be made easier by the fact that I have a CakePHP project on the go at work where I am using TDD, so once again I will be producing a book with code examples and comments about what I was doing. So, I am asking *you* what sort of things would you like to see in this book about TDD and CakePHP?