Digging Through The Bookmarks

Although I never got into the habit of using online bookmarking services like Delicious (never really understood how/why to use them) I do tend to bookmark a lot of stuff. So as a change of pace I thought I'd go through my programming bookmarks and show you some of the stuff I found interesting enough to save:

Limonade, a PHP microframework

I am Mr. Framework (Rails, ZF, CakePHP, Code Igniter, Django, I've tried a ton of 'em) so I found this project to be very interesting. I think it's only really missing easy-to-do URL rewriting. I could *probably* figure it out using whatever the web server for that project uses, but I am spoiled by the easy routing stuff in most frameworks.

jQuery and Google Maps

Marc Grabanski is a guy I met at the original CakeFest in Orlando, and he does so much amazing front-end work that I find myself going back to his site over and over again. This is the second tutorial he has up there on using jQuery with Google Maps. So well written, and so easy to implement with your own stuff.

The Testability Explorer Blog

Misko Hevery has this amazing blog where he talks about great testing practices. For the love Murphy, please go read his blog and start testing your code. I mean it!

The startup immune system

Great article on some recommended practices for making your company's handling of defects in the software they produce better.

Sharpen the Vim Saw

What? You don't use Vim?!?! That's okay, what Ivan Idris talks about here is finding inefficiencies in the way you use your editor-of-choice and eliminate them.

Understanding Git Conceptually

Want to know what the big deal about Git is? Why are all the cool kids using it? Well, many of *them* don't even know why Git is so awesome. This site explains HOW Git works so you can understand WHY you should be using it.

Django admin for your PHP app?

A quick guide to how to sneak Django into your PHP project as the rock-solid start of an admin area. I have done this with a project at work at the prototype level (no code committed yet) and it just makes so much sense.

Quick DB Setups with MySQL Sandbox

Although I am lucky that I do not need to test my work code against different versions of MySQL, the techniques described here show how to do that exactly that in a way that is so simple I thought to myself "Why did nobody ever tell me you could do this?!?"

Library of Free Data Models

This site is awesome in a very subtle way. It shows you all sorts of samples of building relationships between things in a data model. Want an example of how to link agents and leads together for a recruiting company? They have one. Ever wanted to see how a hotel would handle booking reservations? They got one.

Okay, last one. I promise

Rope, a python refactoring library

I'm starting to get into the world of refactoring tools as I dig into Python. Rope is a tool to let you go through your Python code and identify things that need to be refactored, like duplicate code blocks that can be combined into one. I so wish tools like this existed for PHP, as I would use them all the time. Add in the fact that it can be integrated into Vim, well, I've got a tool that will become an essential part of my Python toolkit going forward.

So there you have it. What hidden gems do you have to share?