CakeFest Hispania

This was *supposed* to be a post about my successes in getting the Rallyhat web service up and running on Google App Engine, but that's not quite done yet. Instead, I will inform our spanish-speaking CakePHP users (and the more adventurous types who enjoy travel) that the CakeFest site as been updated to announce pre-registration and other information about CakeFest #2, which will be held in Buenos Aries, Argentina at the beginning of December.

All your favourite people from the CakePHP world will be there, although I might not be able to make it despite Mariano's very convincing IM conversations. The organizer (the previously-mentioned Mariano) is a great guy, good contributor to the project, and I still like him despite the fact that he is a Windows user in an ocean of Mac fanbois. Maybe things will work out that I can go, but if you can make the trip it will be one of the most interesting conferences this year.