What's In Chris' Brain - May 2008 Edition

Yes, it's the day after May Day (workers of the world, unite!) and yes, I only managed to get one blog post done this week. So, it's time for a round-up of the stuff I've been thinking about this week.

  • For all the bleating I did on the CakePHP mailing list this week about using free and open software, the editor waffling continues and I was back to Komodo today. I needed the security blanket of an IDE today after spending way too much time with CSSEdit trying to get stuff lining up properly for a work project.
  • Halfway through a code review project as a side gig. Old code, running on PHP 4.4.8 (those of you following me on Twitter saw me moaning about getting that working with CentOS on Parallels). Needless to say, the code is a mess but I have to actually talk about WHY it's a mess and what can be done.
  • Trying to see if I can get a caching plugin for WordPress to work with nginx. Not that I ever expect to get Dugg, but you never know. Almost there...
  • Finally managed to get a Django app running properly inside the Google App Engine SDK. Work on that got torpedoed this week by two slow-pitch games...that got rained out...after me waiting around for 20 minutes or so. Next step is to build out my web service for Rallyhat. Should only be a few hours work (he said, not knowing now what he will know later)
  • YASP (Yet Another Side Project) is going to get rolling this weekend. Some cool stuff using Amazon S3, integration with OpenID and PayPal. This time I actually have a plan to make some money. :)
  • I've submitted my "Deployment Isn't A 4 Letter Word" talk for ZendCon.
  • Been updating the IBL web site to use the latest CakePHP goodies, meaning just refactoring a lot of stuff that was garbage and using newer techniques I discover via the mailing list and Nate Abele's rantings.
  • Special thanks to Travis Cline for sending me a copy of "xUnit Test Patterns" from my Amazon Wish list! Many thanks to a fellow budding Djangonaut for the gift.