CakeFest, the night before

I made it down to Orlando for CakeFest, and are sitting in my hotel room having had some beer and some food (bacon double cheeseburger at Denny's) before crashing for the night. However, on the way up I did the stupidest thing EVER. The wife and I have two cars. For a variety of reasons, mostly owing to laziness on my part, I only have one set of keys for my car. Which is in the driveway. My wife's car, is in the garage. I took my keys with me to Orlando. Dumb, dumb, dumb. So, I have to send my keys by courier first thing in the morning so my wife can actually, you know, drive around and do stuff while I'm gone. *sigh*. Like I said, dumb-dumb-dumb.

So, on Wednesday I'm giving my talk "Fake It Before You Make It" where I show people how easy it actually is to use the console to "bake" your application. I also thought I'd take the time to highlight some of the talks I'm interested in hearing:

  • RESTful interfaces by Nate Abele
  • Adding Common and Kung Fu UI Components to your CakePHP Applications by Marc Grabanski
  • With CakePHP & jQuery to World Domination by Felix Geisendorfer

Of course I'll be in other talks as well but those are the 3 I'm really looking forward to seeing.