CakeFest, Day 1

Day 1 of CakeFest is winding down, so I thought I'd talk about today's talks

First, Garrett "gwoo" Woodworth was they keynote, talking about where CakePHP came from and how he got involved with it both on a coding level and as project manager. He included a nice little shout-out to my posting about how "the devil's in the details".

Next up was Tim Koschuetzki's talk about unit testing in CakePHP. I'm a lapsed believer in unit tests (as in, I believe in them but still find a way to not do them) and he did a great job of showing how to do them, with some neat points about how he extended some functionality in SimpleTest to help test web pages. As an aside, I also met Felix and while I'm a big guy, Tim and Felix are even bigger than I am. They grow them big in Deutschland these days.

After lunch Joel Moss gave his talk on implementing database migrations in PHP. I have experience with migrations from my Rails days, so I might investigate this for use with the IBL web site.

Then I gave my talk on using the Cake console. It was a little shorter than I liked, and I forgot to talk about how the baked views have pagination links in them as well, but it was pretty well received. All the pictures of my kids (who featured prominently in the slides) generated lots of laughs.

After me was a talk by Frederic Bollon about a CakePHP-specific deployment system he called Fredistrano. Interesting talk, and PhpNut talked about how he thinks it might a viable solution to the problem he faces in updating all the Cake-related sites.

Tomorrow has two tracks: API and GUI. Should be good...