What's In Chris' Brain, March 2007 Edition

Not a whole lot going on. I joined the crackberry cult today, as my work got me a Blackberry. It's a very nice little tool, and I look forward to customizing it a little more. I've already added in a GMail tool so I can check GMail if I'm away from the computer for an extended period. Anyways, onto what's in Chris' brain.

  • Rallyhat is sitting there doing nothing. No time. *sigh*. Maybe I'll move my baseball blog over to it. Want to do *something* with that domain.
  • My mother wants me to do a random posts sidebar widget for her blog (she uses WordPress) as a birthday present. Is she totally wired in or what?
  • Interactive console for CakePHP is moving forwards, albeit at a very slow pace. Added in a token parsing loop, but not totally tested. I'm really resisting simply cut-and-pasting the shell example I took from PHP on Trax, preferring to actually *gasp* understand how their interactive shell works. It's about 400 lines of code I'm looking at, and hoping to chop it down.
  • I have a hard deadline of April 1 to get the new IBL site up and running. I'm about a week behind. So, that is at the top of the queue, followed by the widget for my mom and then pounding out that shell. I really would like to have that shell done for my talk in May, as a cool tool that has been "ported" from the Rails world over to PHP