Zend_Service_Audioscrobbler moves to Zend Framework Core

It finally made it! After some major reworking of the unit tests (at 86% coverage, with 3 more tests to come after the freeze is up) and Derek busting his butt to get the documentation done, Darby Fenton emailed me to tell me that he's moved our component for connecting to the web services being offered by Audioscrobbler (and that powers Last.fm out of the incubator and into the core.

Although I lobbied very hard at work to use CakePHP as the framework for web applications, I'm going to be using Zend Framework. After a week of using it, well, it's actually not too bad. Daniel Kushner (my boss) is showing me all sorts of neat stuff I can do with ZF, and we're already extending the framework by adding plugins and custom components. I suspect it won't be long until I'm an old hand and using this framework.

Anyhow, I'm quite happy that my component has made it into core, and I've already started thinking about my next component. It's going to be a work-related one, so I have to talk to Daniel about whether or not I can officially work on it as a Syneron employee or will it be something on my own time. More to come later.