Blog Roundup

I normally don't talk about other blogs that I like to read, but I decided this might be a nice time to share some of them

  • Yariv's Blog is the blog of programmer Yariv Sadan. He's doing a lot of work to bring Erlang to the web via his ErlyWeb web framework. Why do I keep coming back? Part of me wants to build something in Erlang because it can handle the type of high concurrency, synchronous web applications that Web 2.0 seems to be pushing us towards.
  • Jamis Buck has three Ruby-related blogs I like to go to: the { buckblogs :here }, he contributes to ~:caboose and he also contributes to The Rails Way, where they take user submitted code and suggest refactorings for it. Jamis is one of the smartest guys I've ever come across on the web, so I never hesitate to take a look at what he's talking about.
  • I find myself going to the Jaslabs high-performance PHP page more and more often these days. Great articles and tips for the more advanced programmer. You can always use some help.
  • My friend Amy Hoy runs Slash7 where she talks about her experiences with Rails and user interfaces. Oh yeah, go buy her Javascript book when it comes out!
  • If you're into CakePHP at all, go visit ThinkingPHP and beyond where Felix will give you some insight into the inner workings of the CakePHP web framework