What's Chris Thinking About, February Edition

My apologies for the lateness (and shortness) of this post. Real life has intruded this week. More news on this later. But here's what's jumping around in my brain:

  • Nate from CakePHP is helping me out with the work on my proposal for an interactive console. Trax (a Cake "competitor") has an interactive shell so I'm taking a look at how they are doing things to see what I can use from it. Thank you open source licensing!
  • There has been great feedback from those who watched the screencast of my talk from Vancouver and I'm going to tweak the talk for May. Remove some slides, avoid duplication and build up the parts that drew a lot of interest: deployment and programmer ego.
  • I'm going to have to dive into the slightly old Typo install and figure out how to stop the huge amounts of trackback spam we've been getting. Seems that the Typo install I'm running ignores requests to stop accepting trackbacks. Gotta fix that by hacking at the source