What Chris Is Thinking About, November Edition

Hi guys, two days of looking after my daughter at home has fried my brain and reduced my creative output. So, here's what I've been thinking about.

  • the new Amazon web services stuff is *perfect* for my supersecret project, so it's time to stack talking about it and get 'er done (horrible Larry the Cable Guy reference)
  • If this PHP 5 web framework is good enough for Yahoo! (the world's largest user of PHP) to use to build their Yahoo! Bookmarks application, it's time for me to look at it and see if it will work with the supersecret project. CakePHP is good...but Symfony's extensive documentation just blows it out of the water for the experienced-with-php-but-not-with-the-framework crowd. I went through the Ajax tutorial that they had and after figuring out how to configure Apache to serve up my app and how to turn on debugging mode I did the whole tutorial in about 20 minutes (that's with my daughter sitting in my lap).
  • Also, time to stop procrastinating and get going on the Rails version of my administration portal for the IBL. I always need side projects to learn new technologies, so this is the perfect Rails-plus-Ajax vehicle.
  • Oh yeah, also gotta time up the loose ends on my Audioscrobbler component for Zend Framework. I've got 80% of the unit tests done, so I need to finish those up and write the documentation on how to actually use the sucker.
  • Way too many outstanding projects...gotta get some closure on this stuff I've been working on. It's no good to have 5 projects in various stages of completeness. Have to turn them into 5 projects that are done.