Amazon Web Services Takes It To The Next Level

(My appologies for the late posting. DNS problems caused my site to disappear for a while but everthing is okay now).

My friend Kevin (working away overseas in Southeast Asia) pointed out the new Amazon web services to me. Here's our conversation:

9:23:18 PM chorgheavyinc: something else weird.. have you checked out amazon web services recently? 9:23:27 PM chriswebfinity: no I haven't 9:23:36 PM chorgheavyinc: 9:23:40 PM chorgheavyinc: take a look 9:24:02 PM chriswebfinity: the only web services Ive been working with lately are with 9:24:09 PM chriswebfinity: writing a component for the Zend Framework 9:24:09 PM chorgheavyinc: then grab your secret list of projects that you were waiting to become rich to do 9:24:31 PM chriswebfinity: um, ok 9:26:41 PM chorgheavyinc: anyway, that's the message. when you get a chance lmk what you think.. i'd be interested in your opinon and thoughts 9:26:55 PM chorgheavyinc: lastfm looks neat 9:26:57 PM chriswebfinity: I will take a look at it for sure 9:27:46 PM chorgheavyinc: like it's crazy what could be done with it, gonna try something goofy starting Nov 1, :D 9:33:36 PM chriswebfinity: so is Amazon going to give both ends away then? 9:33:42 PM chriswebfinity: the API *and* code to use it? 9:33:45 PM chriswebfinity: Im confused 9:34:00 PM chorgheavyinc: the keystone is S3, the storage. 9:34:29 PM chorgheavyinc: that was the first thing i saw, few months ago. 9:34:39 PM chorgheavyinc: "Cool idea" i said 9:35:26 PM chorgheavyinc: the virtualized server ( the beta) is very interesting 9:35:35 PM chorgheavyinc: yes, they are making this available 9:36:00 PM chorgheavyinc: you have to pay sure, but only for what you use 9:37:52 PM chorgheavyinc: the broad ramifications are that you can implement a demo on your lappy, and scale that bad boy up to about youtube size 9:38:18 PM chorgheavyinc: all pay as you go, like per second cell phone rate 9:39:56 PM chriswebfinity: interesting 9:40:00 PM chorgheavyinc: like i do contracts and live in the philippines because i am saving to do the projects i really want to do 9:40:33 PM chorgheavyinc: but... i have to reconsider now. I have the tech expertise to do it, no question.. 9:40:53 PM chorgheavyinc: but has the lazyweb helped me again? 9:41:19 PM chriswebfinity: it saves you when you least expect it ;) 9:41:56 PM chorgheavyinc: it sure does... it's very hard to work hard sometimes .. 9:43:53 PM chorgheavyinc: so im taking from tomorrow until next monday to check into this 9:48:00 PM chriswebfinity: okay, created an account 9:48:07 PM chriswebfinity: I'll see what comes to me about using it 9:48:12 PM chriswebfinity: maybe hack together a demo of something 9:48:33 PM chorgheavyinc: yeah , im thinking that too 9:49:07 PM chriswebfinity: gotta be carefull though...because they charge you could rack up a big bill testing ;) 9:49:09 PM chorgheavyinc: it is making me redefine the "but what can i do today" question 9:49:37 PM chorgheavyinc: true.. i just want to learn the api's 9:49:41 PM chorgheavyinc: i can test locally 9:53:53 PM chriswebfinity: I think the ability to use the storage is huge 9:54:01 PM chorgheavyinc: like i sure could have used S3 to back up my drive 9:54:03 PM chorgheavyinc: yes 9:54:12 PM chriswebfinity: actually...I have an idea 9:54:16 PM chriswebfinity: not sure how to pay for it though 9:54:30 PM chriswebfinity: and I've been planning on building the site even though i have no idea how to make any money of off it 9:55:03 PM chorgheavyinc: *ding* 9:55:17 PM chorgheavyinc: time to build
Very interesting stuff indeed.