Back in the groove

I was surprised at how quickly I got into the groove working at the new job, considering I knew nothing about what I would be doing when I got there.

For now, I'm working on making changes to TunerFriends, which is an online community for people who like to trick out and modify their cars. It uses vBulletin top power it. I can't say I'm a big fan because the existing site, well, the code's a mess. Lots of cut-and-pasting going on and it needs a really good cleanup and refactor.

I'm trying to push for a chance to do it, but who knows. When the IT department is just part of the company, not the main focus of the company, I can see how requests like that might be ignored unless I can guarantee it takes less time. I need to find a code profiler and unleash it on the code base to see what can be done...