Zend Framework Webcast

I managed to catch the Zend Framework Webcast that the folks from phpArchitect managed to pull together. No new news, really. Although it was nice to see some coding examples where they showed how to use ActiveRecord (familiar with this from my work with Ruby on Rails), ActiveMail and ActiveSearch, which is a port of the Lucene search engine thingy that was originally available in Java.

Some other interesting things to come out of it:

  • They are already building sites for clients with it
  • There will be unit tests (using PHPUnit2) and use cases
  • They are expecting to release code to the public in Q1 of next year
  • They are emphasizing that it's not really MVC, it's more model and controller

I recommend you check out the link above and view the webcast at your leisure. If you plan on doing ANY sort of work with PHP 5 in the future then you will want to consider how this framework can get help you.