PHP Frameworks...are they worth the trouble?

My open source project has gotten underway, as the three conspirators met and hashed out how we wanted the view/template part of the system to work. We got to play around with SubEthaEdit and it's great collaborative capabilities. It was cool to see me edit something in the document, then the other guy, and then our other partner add in his info. You should seriously check it out sometime.

But I've started to wonder if Rails hasn't, well, spoiled me. When I think about how to implement Rails in PHP (although Cake is trying), I realize that I don't know if it could be done as slickly as Rails was done with Ruby. Doing a half-assed web application framework is easy. Doing a good one is hard.

And on top of this all, Zend annoucned their new PHP Collaboration Project which, at this time, consists of working with Eclipse to make it easier to do PHP dev work with it (Zend Studio 6 maybe?), and...a PHP framework. Open sourced. Blessed for use in the "enterprise".

So, maybe the second part of the Grand Project must wait until we take a look at what Zend comes up. I can't help but wonder if this little project that won a Zend programming contest is what will become the Zend PHP Framework...