My first steps towards open source

Tomorrow I'm starting some work on my supersecretsideproject, which is going to be an open source project. I've never done any code that I've given away under open source, only paid stuff. Many moons ago I wrote a system to interface with Canada Post's eParcel system, and I managed to sell a copy of it for good coin too.

At the time I got a few emails from people hoping to get it from me for free. Since I was woefully underemployed at the time (my first foray into the world of freelance work) I didn't want to lose out on any money. So of course I said no to people. Only ever made the one sale, and that code is long gone.

I'm hoping to make up for previous stupidity now and create something that more than just one person will want to use out there on the internet. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.