Minimum Viable Tests

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You realize there is more to testing than just PHPUnit

You've been doing PHP development for a while but you find yourself constantly battling bugs, working with bits of code that are hard to integrate together, and staying late to do deployments. You know there is a better way through but you have no idea where to start.

You imagine yourself sitting down with an experienced developer -- just you and them, steadily working through problems and learning how to use test-driven development to design the API's and interfaces for your code while making sure nothing leaves development until you're 100% sure it's working.

I designed Minimum Viable Tests to show you how a long-time grumpy programmer writes applications with testing always in the front of their mind. Along the way you'll learn about:

I've been watching and listening to people as they start their journey towards learning testing skills. "Minimum Viable Tests" is designed to be your guide to learning what new things you need to learn and what old habits you will have to change.

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