Building Test-Driven Developers

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Testing is really about people, not tests

You've been building your testing skills (hopefully with my help!) and you are ready to start getting other folks writing tests but you're encountering resistance

How can you convince them there is value in writing tests?

I learned the hard way that one of the least-understood parts of learning the skills you need to write tests for your PHP code is managing the expectations of others.

Tests are written by people, not machines!

In Building Test-Driven Developers I share with you the lessons I've learned over more than a decade to challenge your thoughts on what testing is all about. You need more than just a testing framework to get people other than yourself committed to the practice of writing tests.

In this book I help add to your programming skills by discussing topics that are critical to understanding why people often won't commit to writing tests.

You need to build people skills to go along with all those great testing skills you've been building. I'm here to help with those too!

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