Federating Yourself

As I write this blog post, Twitter is convulsing as it's new owner Elon Musk is trying to treat a huge cruise ship like it's a jetski. Having cut a ton of staff and literally workshopping ideas in public, it's not going well.

I have ignored blogging and some other interactions as Twitter made it so easy to share those little thoughts and I also became reliant on a curated feed to find stuff I was interested in. Along the way I ran into the idea of the IndieWeb.

I have made a non-trivial amount of money off selling my books and have dabbled in paid courses and workshops. So it made a lot of sense to me to check out this guide to joining the IndieWeb and learn about microformats, Webmentions and start really leaning into POSSEing (Publish on my Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) my stuff.

This is the first blog post that (if I have set up things correctly at my end) that will be syndicated out to other platforms.

Categories: indieweb, technology