The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook

TL;DR: I've started working on a new book.

Having written a book that shows you how to write code that is testable it seemed natural to write a companion book for that, to give people a better understanding of how to use some of the testing tools.

To that end, I've started working on "The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook" to be released in early 2013 (I'm thinking end of January / beginning of February if everything works out).

The book will be a collection of tips and tricks on how to use the gold standard of PHP unit testing frameworks, the mighty PHPUnit. If you visit the website for the book you can join a mailing list to be notified when the book is ready.

By joining that mailing list, you will also receive some goodies along the way as the book gets written. No, I'm not going to tell you what they are.

The book will be $25. No, I don't know how big it will be. Maybe you will end up paying $1 per page, but let's hope not.

The book will also be published through Leanpub as I am 110% happy with what they have done for me, and I encourage anyone else who wants to write their own technical book and keep most of the money from their efforts to consider using them.