Rambling on the future of PHP

Terry Chay, although he disagrees with me on a whole bunch of different levels, is a smart guy. Despite all the profanity. And the troll baiting. Go watch this talk he gave at the SF PHP meetup.

I struggle with some of the concepts he talks about here. I've been working with PHP for so long and wondering "is that all there is to web programming?". PHP is still one of the best solutions out there for building web applications. The haters can suck it, because it's true. Terry has this awesome quote (I'm probably paraphrasing).: "The straightest point between two lines on the web is PHP.". There are lots of huge sites out there that use PHP - but PHP *itself* is starting to become the bottleneck.

I won't comment any further as Terry says it better than I could, and to say more would be stealing from his talk. Go and watch.