Lazyweb Questions - April 2009

The book is doing quite well, thanks. 42 copies sold as I type this. I am going to give away one of my "Framework Apocalypse" t-shirts to one lucky random customer when I get to 100. Feedback has been great, so spread the word about the book! As Matt Curry pointed out in his review of my book, don't let the name fool you. It could've been subtitled "how to think like a CakePHP developer".

So, I have a few questions for the lazyweb (aka my awesome readers). I'm hoping they can point me in the right direction.:

  • At work, my boss is wondering if there is a way for us to determine *ahead* of time if queries being generated by our web service are going to really churn the database and lock things up. Since the queries are very dynamic, I can only do so much in the caching department. Application is PHP-based, built using Code Igniter
  • Inspired by my friend Joel feel free to share your essential VIM plugins. Mine are netrw, autoclose, 0scan, matchit, paster (I use it all the time at work), surround, taglist, vcscommand (although I have started using a git plugin that I can't find the download page for, and then a bunch of syntax highlighting plugins for Django, Git, PHP (can't remember which one), Python (can't remember which one) and Xquery.
  • Tools for refactoring in other languages look awesome (Towelie for Ruby, Rope for Python. What tools are out there for PHP?
  • Let me know via the comments what you know or find out. Thanks and enjoy the Easter / Passover break!