Slides from PHP Quebec 2009 talk

I swear, every time I give this talk I do it faster. This time it took me 40 minutes, when I had 75 minutes in total to talk. Here's the link to download it: "Deployment Is Not A 4 Letter Word"

Overall I had a great time at the conference and definitely want to go back next year. Here's my thoughts on the presentations I saw:

  • "Practical Zend Framework Jutsu with Dojo" -- Matthew did a good job in a short time of showing how much work they've done trying to integrate that toolkit with Zend Framework. There's just so much that's part of it you can't cover it in an hour.
  • "Building RIA Application in PHP" -- I can sum it up as this: developing in Flex is hard and not for the faint of heart. The PHP stuff is easy though.
  • "Of Lambda Functions, Closures and Traits" -- those new functions are cool but it would've helped if there were some examples of when traits are a good idea
  • "Stupid Browser Tricks" -- Firebug is becoming an essential tool for debugging Ajax-powered applications, and Selenium is an underused testingtool
  • "Deployment Is Not A 4 Letter Word" - my own talk was well received, got great feedback from the audience: "Very knowledgeable. Dynamic speaker. Funny". Presentation skillz FTW!
  • "Beyond the Browser" -- while I don't agree that we're at the end of the road for the browser, the concept of making sure your site is powered by an API usable by others is one to embrace
  • "VIM for (PHP) Programmers" -- it's always good to learn at the feet of a master like Andrei
  • "Building applications with Yahoo! Pipes" - Pipes sure looks good but the presenter needs to brush up on his technique to get more people interested
  • "K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)" -- common sense PHP stuff never gets boring to me, really
  • "Andrei's Regex Clinic" -- my regex fu is weak and those slides are an awesome collection of tips
  • "Framework Comparison" -- man, no sparks or arguing at all between those three guys.

Thanks to all those I hung out with at the conference for showing me a good time.