You Cannot Escape...The Framework Apocalypse

For a while I had been threatening to commission a t-shirt design based on either "Framework Jihad" or "Framework Apocalypse". The general consensus amongst my Twitter peeps was that (a) this was a great idea and (b) they would buy one. Well, that time has come.

One of my favourite webcomics is Joel Watson's Hijinks Ensue. Joel is trying to Live The Dream of being a full-time web cartoonist / merchandiser, and to this end he also does custom design work. After about exchanging a few emails about designs, Joel cranked out this awesome t-shirt for me.

After taking a look at the various web sites that can do print-on-demand t-shirts, and reading come comparisons between them, I settled on Once Joel sent me the final design, it took about 30 minutes from first signing up to having a working store.

So, show the world that you are not afraid of the upcoming Framework Apocalypse by going to my online store and ordering yourself a shirt...or ten. ;)