What's In Chris' Brain: September 2008 Edition

It's time again for a round-up of the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head this past month, because I don't have enough material for a big blog post. Not yet, any way.

  • Oh look, another CakePHP book coming out that I can review if the author pulls some strings. Yes, I'm talking to YOU AD7Six
  • Although the title of the presentation is "Why I Hate Django", Cal Henderson from Flickr shows why you simply cannot avoid frameworks when building applications. Deny this fact at your own peril.
  • If you're not already reading their blog, check out Felix and Tim (and sometimes Nate) over at the Debuggable Ltd. blog where you can find some of the best CakePHP tips around. Felix is closing on on 30 straight days of blogging, though not always CakePHP related.
  • I'm going to be in Mountain View, CA next Wednesday (the 24th) for a super-secret meeting and have some time to kill before my red-eye flight back home. Maybe we can hook up so you can hurl abuse at me and so I can get enough alcohol in me to sleep on the red-eye flight back to Toronto?