August Is Reader Feedback Month!

With summer half over, I've realized that I'm just too damn busy during the summer. As a result, my blogging suffers. So, I've decided to turn things around and bit and ask my readers what they would like to see in the next month or so.

Using Mint I do get to see what visitors are looking at when they visit, and it's a mixed bag. Which is good. Many of my tutorials and smaller posts have gotten lots of visits and lots of great feedback. Again, which is good. Feedback lets me know if I'm being clear in what I'm posting. But now I've sort of hit a lull and run out of topics. I'm sure nobody wants to read about my struggles at softball or the intricacies of politics in my job. You know, the boring non-technical stuff. Instead, I want to give YOU more of what YOU want.

In the comments, let me know what stuff you'd like to see. Follow-ups to existing tutorials, my thoughts on certain topics, explanations on other things I've blogged about. I'm sure that some of the existing content might be slightly out-of-date, so if there is enough call for revision I'd be glad to revisit things and give them an update spin.

As most of my commenters know, I do moderate every single comment that comes in and only dump the spam that gets through Akismet. Don't be shy, let me know what sort of stuff you are looking for.