Web Mockups, With A Hint Of Balsamiq

(Disclaimer: after trying out the demo for this application, I discovered I could get a license for it by saying nice things on my blog. I was ready to fork out the money for it though)

I cannot be the only one useless at interface design. I know my buddy and fellow patio-laying-at-my-house-worker Kevin is too. While checking out Hacker News I came across this great application called Mockups, which is cool AIR app (I use Ed Finkler's so-awesome-I-actually-use-it AIR Twitter client Spaz) for (shocking, I know) doing mockups of things.

When I saw this, I said (really) "Holy shit!!!". And started to play with it. And quickly realized that for people like me, this is the PERFECT tool for creating mockups of the sites I want to work on. I agonize over sites when I'm building one from scratch, so much so that I feel the "paralysis from analysis" effect I have heard others talk about. Don't believe me that it's this cool? Check this demo out:

To me, the really cool thing is that it is also available as a plugin for some of the most well-known collaboration applications out there: Confluence, JIRA and Twiki. For me, the desktop version is just right, as I can take those mockups I create and export them as PNG's that I can then pass onto designers for comments and tweaking. This is a sign of a developer who is "done, and gets things smart".

It costs $79, and for the frustrated programmer who wishes he could better as a designer, this is an amazing tool to add to your toolbox. Go try it out and give him your money!