What's In Chris' Brain - May 2008 Edition

I'm bored.

There, I said it. I think it's probably one of my worst character flaws in that I get disinterested in long-running projects that I am working on quite easily. Somehow, CakePHP continues to grab my interest so maybe I'm getting better. But I can't escape that voice I hear in my head (I mean, the one that cuts through all the other voices) that says "you MUST be working on the latest and the greatest, otherwise you're wasting your time".

Such is the peril when you work for a small company, and you're the only developer on a project. I should've stuck with my guns and built the damn thing on CakePHP instead of CodeIgniter. Bah! Anyhow, here's what I've been thinking about lately:

  • Lots of good input on features for my 'cake deploy' idea. I got a good suggestion via Twitter to take a look at what Symfony is doing in this regard, so maybe they can give me some ideas on a solid implementation.
  • I have an extreme alpha version of Rallyhat working, and are now trying to get the look-and-feel stuff taking care of. Found a colourscheme I like. Thank you kuler
  • Gave up on the Django-on-Google-App-Engine idea because I just couldn't get the datastore stuff to work properly. Screw it, I'll go back to my straight Django app. I am contemplating running it off of Amazon EC2, but I wonder how much work that is to do. If any of my readers have any tips on making this work, let me know.
  • 3 weeks straight of using MacVim as my main IDE! No complaints, and I broke out Komodo the other day just for the XDebug stuff. Yes, I know you can use xdebug inside vim but the implementation I saw lacks the variable introspection features that Komodo gives you.
  • Some time in the next day or two, a beta release for CakePHP 1.2 is coming out. This is *very* exciting news. After that, 1.2RC1 is around the corner. If I wasn't so damn busy working on the new and shiny things, I might actually contribute more than that one small patch for console work. Which other people ended up extending anyway. Bah
  • I took a look at Seaside, a web application framework that uses Smalltalk and found out that there is no templating for doing the HTML. Huh? You create all the HTML programatically and then style it using CSS. Not too designer friendly, but they do give an explanation about why it is this way.. How delightfully sadistic! And yet, strangely appealing...
  • I need to find a way to convince my employer that attending conferences provides value to the company, and not just me. Even though I only go to conferences where I speak. Unless I have some really generous readers willing to underwrite me to go.
  • I read something recently on the idea of working remotely but with some other freelance tech types as a way to at least get some social contact. Don't know how well that would work out here in Milton, but maybe it's worth sending some feelers out.

Okay, back to refactoring some code for work...