What's In Chris' Brain: February 2008 Edition

I'm sitting in the Orlando airport at this ungodly hour waiting for a flight to Memphis as part of an Orlando -> Memphis -> Toronto trip back from my two days at the Newspaper Association of America conference. I was there with my employer to help start promoting the project I've been working on. It was an interesting show, and I had a great time in the booth hanging out and talking with Ken Zajac from The Sports Network and Digger Turnbull from Fantasy Sports Services. It was fun huddling around Digger's computer listening to the latest moves during the NHL's trading deadline day.

Anyway, enough geeking out about my sports fetish. Work took up a lot of my time this last 2 weeks getting ready for the demo, so my posting has suffered a bit. Here are some of the things I've been thinking about.:

  • more and more messages about using the CakePHP Auth component on the mailing list
  • I will be doing some Python work later this week on a utility to rip through some of our archived XML documents at work and do some search-and-replace ninja work.
  • Investing in using jQuery for work has made for some super-quick integration of some new features. It took me under half-an-hour from the first search in google to get an autocomplete plugin for jQuery working. Now *that* is rapid development
  • Despite my best efforts I can't get vim setup and working the way I want. Sorry Kevin, TextMate is just the best one for me, and Komodo when I need to break out the Xdebug guns
  • I'm going to put together a post (and contribute the same info to the CakePHP Cookbook) on my experiences with custom pagination usage with Cake, since I had to hack something together for recent changes I've been working on for the IBL website

Anyway, enough talking. It's way too early to do this sort of nonsense (can't believe I have coherent thoughts at 5:30AM) and it's close to boarding time. See you on the other side...