What's In Chris' Brain: January 2008 Edition

Not a lot going on, it's time for a quick round-up post

  • I'm speaking at CakeFest, so I'm working on my presentation. Since I'm going to be a combination of slides and actual demonstrations of the Cake console, I'm going to be using S5 to run the slideshow, then switching to a terminal and my IDE to show people the results
  • I've run into a weird bug in working with Cake and Postgres, where the code works okay in PHP 5 + Postgres + OS-X, but erroring out in PHP 4 + Postgres + Linux. If I could figure out a test to recreate the bug, that would be a good step forward. In a nutshell, for some reason CakePHP is not determining the correct name of the sequence (it's what Postgres uses when determining auto-incremented ID's for a table) in the PHP 4 + Postgres + Linux environment. It's very weird and I have no idea what might be happening here. Given that I can't submit a ticket without a test proving the problem, and then figuring out what code to change, this could cause me some headaches.
  • I suck at writing screen scrapers, which is what I need to make one of my side projects work
  • Via the ever-increasingly-useful Miro, I have started watching a presentation on the Lively Kernel. For some more info about it, check out this post about how Javascript is the new Smalltalk
  • I've been playing around with different themes for this blog, but nothing seems to work as well as my current setup. Interesting...
  • I also experimented with adding some more advertising but that got me nothing in the way of revenue. Maybe I didn't give it enough time or something. My current set of advertisers (thank you very much, guys and gals) make this blog pay for itself, so I consider that a major accomplishment.