Going To CakeFest!

Yes, it's been confirmed: I will be attending CakeFest down in Orlando Feb. 6 to 8. I'll be giving a talk entitled "Fake It Until You Make It" about how to use the Cake console tools to speed up your development. I use the Cake console for all my CakePHP projects, since it helps me quickly create the code for models, controllers (love being able to have all those admin methods already baked in) and I hope to show those who might be a little shy of using the command line what they are missing out on.

I'm going to be flying down Tuesday night, getting in around midnight and flying out Friday morning (it's looking like a 10:30 departure). So that's two full days at the conference, which is okay. Now, if anyone is going down there and could use a roomie to help cut down on costs let me know.