The Story and Rebirth of Zend_Service_Audioscrobbler, Part 2

So, dear readers, I received some nice emails and comments from those you have used Zend_Service_Audioscrobbler, along with having a nice email conversation with Wil Sinclair from Zend (who is involved with Zend Framework). Wil told me that backwards compatibility for the 1.5 version is important so I can't just rip everything up like I want to. Well, I could but it probably wouldn't be accepted. I'd have to write some letter to convince the Elder Gods Of Zend Framework of why I needed to break backwards compatibility. In Wil's words: "?I find it embarrassing and want to destroy the evidence? will not be considered a good enough reason. ".

I had a good chuckle at that, but Wil did offer up a very good suggestion on how to go about the refactor that I hadn't thought of: use a _call() method in the class to intercept all the old calls and translate them into new calls. I would also get it to trigger a warning that the old method would be deprecated in a future release as a way to get people to upgrade to the newer ones. Once I have some code, I will show it. Thanks Wil!