What's In Chris' Brain: November 2007 Edition

  • Why the heck can't I find any info on reusable views in Code Ignitor so I can quit duplicating code I see all over the place?
  • Found a cool article on using debugging PHP using XDebug in vim. Sometimes Komodo gets resource hungry and a quick drop into vim usually makes me feel better.
  • Man, how much time should someone spend refactoring code they've inherited? Is it really true that people think everyone else's code is ugly and theirs is a paragon a beauty?
  • Working on the script for a podcast entitled 'Coding Standards Only Matter When Things Go Wrong'
  • Trying to figure out if I can fit in an opportunity to teach some online courses into my current employment
  • Rallyhat (my sporting road trip planning site) is actually in the 'designing screens on paper' stage. Maybe I will scan some notes for showing people in another post
  • Jeff Griffiths from ActiveState (Hi Jeff!) emailed me to ask me to provide some feedback on using CakePHP with Komodo. If anyone else is building CakePHP apps with Komodo, let me know how you're making out.