Back In Business

Well, it took some time but thanks to the help of my VPS provider I've got my stuff all back up, and it only took me two days of tweaking to get everything back. You never realize how much work it took to tweak your environment to get it exactly the way that you had it before. I'm glad that's all over with.

Some things did change while I was waiting for an OS re-install on my slice: I'm no longer working for the Cake Development Corporation. In the end, it just wasn't the right fit for what Larry and the crew needed at this time. However, I will be continuing to work with them via the Cake Software Foundation as an evangelist for CakePHP and helping to organize CakePHP-related events. I'm very excited about this part because I've been working on organizing a CakePHP-related conference to be held in Orlando, FL February 6th through 8th, 2008. We're down to the signing of contracts to secure meeting rooms etc, and I imagine the web site for the event will be launched sometime in the next few weeks. Sorry I can't share more details at this time, but it should be very exciting.

So, don't cry for your humble correspondent as I am never out of work too long these days, but if you know of any interesting telecommuting positions for an egomaniacal PHP developer with lots of experience doing all sorts of difference things, drop me a message. Hopefully those who know me will be able to say something nice about me. :)