What's In Chris' Brain: September 2007 Edition

Ah yes, it's now the unofficial end of summer here in the Greater Toronto Area. It runs from Victoria Day until Labour Day. Also commonly referred to as "construction season" due to all the road work that goes on on the highways surrounding Toronto during that time period. Yes, we will still get some nice hot days (like today, where it's above 30 Celsius) but you can almost smell fall coming. The nights get a little cooler, days get a little shorter, and baseball season is almost over too. Which means I suddenly get a lot of my free time back. So, I've started thinking about what I'm going to work on in the fall.

  • *finally* get some work done on my baseball-roadtrip-planning site. Since I'm not immune to the Facebook phenomenon I will be making it Facebook compatable as well
  • add features to my interactive testing console for CakePHP, the big one being the ability to create routes and then pass in a URL to see what controller / action pair would handle the request. It might involve new functionality for the router, but hopefully I can do it without expanding the
  • I have my eyes on a few enhancement tickets for the 1.2 release that I think I can help with, the first one being some additional functionality for the lazy developer's favourite tool, the CakePHP bake script.

On top of that I have a very small job to do today, which is to record a podcast on my earlier "Glue vs. Full-Stack" post for Cal Evans and his PHP Abstract podcast.