What's In Chris' Brain: August 2007 Edition

I have a post coming up later this week on some tips and tricks involving CakePHP best practices I've picked up (and had foisted upon me) but for now it's brain dump time:

  • Can the lazyweb tell me where I can find some cool online crime statistics? I was at a friend's birthday party last Saturday and he suggested a really cool mashup that people searching for houses would be interested in
  • I'm back to using Komodo instead of vim because, well, vim just couldn't give me the environment I wanted. What I need is the "here are the files in your project" hanging off the main editing window, syntax checking when I'm typing away, and then show me what files I changed that are going to be checked back into version control. Komodo does this. Vim does not. Well, at least not the way I want it to.
  • Is it possible for a single incompetent programmer to cost their employer millions of dollars in lost opportunities without actually breaking anything? I think a lot of managers would go insane if they actually sat down and tracked how the progress of others was held up by a single person. That "domino" effect could cost a company a lot of money without them actually realizing it.
  • Big news out of CakePHP-land is that Mambo will be using CakePHP as the core for the next version of Mambo. Yet another reason to seriously consider CakePHP, if you haven't already