Welcome To The Lazyweb

One of the cool side effects of blogging is that my friends and family (Hi Mom!) ask me why I do it and eventually the conversation gets around to me suggesting they give blogging a try. It's worked out quite well for my mother's blog, and now chalk up another successful blog launch for a buddy of mine.

My friend Kevin Beckford is one of the more interesting programming characters out there. A freelancer who is willing to live long-term at the RamenTuna Hotel as long as he has no bosses, he and I talk several times a day via IM. He and I share a lot of common thoughts about progamming. We differ mainly on our choice of editor as he's a vim fanatic while I have run back into the comforting arms of Komodo.

One thing we do share is a passion for programming and a desire to stay true to practices and techniques that lead to better code being developed. After lots of me hammering away at him to get those ideas out of his brain and into a blog, he's finally lived up to the challenge and has launched the Lazyweb Construction Company. His most recent post is about something we've talked about: creating the API first.

I don't know how often he plans to update, but I'll be on his case harassing him to post as often as possible. All those great ideas don't deserve to live inside his head alone!