Off To php|tek

I fly out to Chicago tomorrow morning for php|tek where I'll be giving my talk "What Can PHP Learn From Ruby On Rails" on Thursday. The talk is significantly different from the one I gave in Vancouver back in February (with colour and graphics even!) as I've cut down the number of slides so I can talk slower and leave room for questions at the end. If you're going to be in Chicago don't hesitate to come up and talk to me. I may be grumpy (ask the people on the CakePHP mailing list) but I love to talk about programming and technologies. Just like last time, I'll be doing a screencast of my talk and posting it up on the site. It will also be an excuse for me to learn how to properly use Amazon S3 to save on my bandwidth bills. :)

On an unrelated note, I'll be able to play with my Neuros OSD, an open source media center that runs Linux, when I get back from the conference. All I need to do is plug in an external drive and I can start recording TV shows and showing movies I already had before. Awesome piece of technology and a great price at around US$230 depending on where you buy it from.