What's In Chris' Brain, April 2007 Edition

Here are some of the things bouncing around in my head this month:

  • Following my "just build it, damnit!" mantra, I finally got the new web site for my simulation baseball league launched. It's not 100% the way I want it layout-wise, but I can tweak that going forward. It at least has all the content that's required.
  • Make sure you test your stuff in IE7. I spent 2 hours debugging my RADAR-based stuff for the above-mentioned site and gave up on it, pulling it all out in the interest of getting the damn thing working. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but at 12:30AM I was interested in making sure it just works.
  • Now, I have time to work on the interactive console for CakePHP, hopefully getting it done in time for php|tek
  • Speaking of php|tek, I have to also start working on fixing up my presentation with the shiny new graphics (Ian, you need to email me about this!) so that it looks better and flows better. Lots of complaints that I went too fast so I want to cut about 10 slides, slow it down, and leave time for questions. I'm sure there will be lots of hecklers (I'm looking at you, Nate) so I'll need time to smack them down.
  • Don't worry Mom, I haven't forgotten about that sidebar widget I promised you
  • My friend Kevin B. continues to delve deeper into Rails, and thanks me for pointing him at Erlang (check out this blog for some more info about a guy doing some cool things with Erlang)
  • I've come to the conclusion that I don't watch enough TV for a MythBox to be of use to me, but my oldest still watches a lot of TV. Unsure what to do here. Maybe the XBox Media Center is still a good solution, and teach my oldest to use the interface to download stuff she's interested in.
  • Komodo vs. Zend Studio still rages on for supremacy on my MacBook Pro. I want to support the Komodo guys because I've developed personal relationships with some of the employees, but Zend Studio just feels a little more responsive and lets me setup remote projects (I like to edit my files remotely instead of locally and copying them over). The latest beta of Komodo that I was asked to check out is getting there in terms of auto-completion, and I hope they've found my feedback to be of value.
  • My own Rails stuff has been shoved aside for the foreseeable future. I just don't have the time, and my PHP chops are getting back to where I want them again thanks to my work projects. I guess I just don't have the hate-on for PHP that some of my friends do.