Riding Off Into The Sunset

Today was my last day at Verticalscope. While I will miss the guys I work with (I'm looking at you, Rick) I sure won't miss the commute. Also, I won't miss that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that kept telling me it was time to move on. "Know when to go" is something I've talked about before on this blog, and it was very appropriate this time.

If you're expecting me to dish dirt on why exactly I left (those who know me obviously know the whole story) you won't find it here. My now-former co-workers have a very tough road ahead of them: rolling out a new network and trying to see if one site can make enough to support 40 other ones. I don't envy them their task, but I won't be worrying about it as I sit in my dining room in the comfort of my own home coding away. I know my former boss reads this blog (hi Jonathan) so I want to say this: I enjoyed my time there, but I'm disappointed things didn't work out the way I had hoped.

So, now it's time to turn my attention to helping Syneron and getting my practically-brand-new 17" MacBook Pro configured as my development environment. Where did I put that PHP 5.2.1 install package...