Still No New Code To Report...

I've been feeling "meh" this week. Winding down my last two weeks at my current job and getting ready to work at my new job (by the way, Doron Gerstel, the president of the company, sent me flowers(?!) as his way of welcoming me to the company.).

So, I thought I'd talk about a few completely random things:

  • My sister is doing a webcomic called Domino Girls. She's writing, while someone else is doing the artwork. Trust me, my sister can't draw but she's a pretty good writer
  • Nate has been doing a lot of work on some stuff for CakePHP so that my interactive console will actually work. Once I get my hands on my new laptop (17" MacBook Pro, baby) I'll be able to do more work on that.
  • I got feedback on the talk I gave at the Vancouver PHP Conference 2007. It was given a 7.4 out of 10 by those who took the survey. As I suspected, I was talking too fast and not showing enough PHP-based answers. Now I know how to chop down the number of slides from the high 50's to the low 40's like I wanted...
  • The rush is on the get the component Derek and I have been doing for the Zend Framework done. What's left? Proper documentation (yay Derek!), remove a deprecated object from our component (Zend_Service_Rest) and replace it with the proper one (Zend_Rest_Client) and then figure out exactly which unit tests need to go and which can stay as there is some confusion about what sort of tests are needed for a totally web-based component.
  • Saw that the Pragmatic Programmers are publishing a book about Erlang. Hrm...for once has my spidey sense about technology caught a sniff of something before it hits big time? Paging Yariv Sadan
  • I'm getting a referral bonus from VerticalScope if the guy they just hired (junior programmer, will be working on TopHosts makes it through his 90 day trial period.
  • If you like cool war movies, I highly suggest you check out 300, a movie based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, which is based on the real story of the Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartan and Thespian warriors held off the Persian Army long enough for the rest of the Greek army to get away, fighting to the death. I love Wikipedia for things like this.