Back from Vancouver PHP Conference 2007

Looks like I just missed a winter storm that is currently pounding the Greater Toronto Area (Milton is on the outskirts of the GTA) so I may actually be snowed in tomorrow. Good thing I can work from home when necessary.

I had a good time in Vancouver at the conference, although I really wished I could've stayed for the second day. I want to thank Shane, Audrey, Peter and all the other organizers for giving me first-class treatment (Audrey, I still owe you that drink). My talk was really well-attended (much to my surprise as I was up against Ilia and Derek) and I was far less nervous about it than I was when I gave this talk.

I have to thank some of the following speakers:

  • Andrei for putting up with me, trying to push me to eat that enormous plate of nachos, and for pointing me in the direction of the Xbox Media Center
  • Sean for straightening out some issues surrounding getting paid for a magazine article
  • Paul for being in good spirits despite being deathly ill (and being cool about me grabbing a menu from you like an idiot)

I'll be seeing most of these same people in Chicago at php|tek, so that's yet another reason to look forward to the middle of May. Anyhow, I managed to make a screencast of my talk and chopped it down to size for the blog. Hope you enjoy it!

[flv: 320 240]