We've Moved!

If you can read this, I've moved littlehart.net to it's new location, on a host at Media Temple, where I've signed up for a Grid Server account with them. My friend Derek recommended I go with them after he spent a lot of time researching a host to move his own projects to.

One of the cooler features of this hosting plan is that if I get digged (or, for the older folks out there, slashdotted) they have this huge cluster of servers that can dynamically adjust to provide bandwidth for you. Now, it seems to me that you could only get digged / slashdotted once or twice before they will ask you to start paying for a better plan, but it's nice to know that the site should be able to stay up. Given the nature of my next project I think this protection will be good. Of course, if it goes REALLY well then I'll need that better plan anyways.

As an extra bonus, I'm going to be speaking at the Vancouver PHP Conference 2007 on February 12-13, 2007. I'll be giving my "What Can PHP Learn From Ruby on Rails" talk, but I'll be definitely updating it from the version I gave in September. I've never been to Vancouver before so I hope to see a few sites while I'm there.