New Ads On The Site

Yes, I've sold out and put some ads on my site. But it's for a really good product that I won't hesitate to recommend. I've enjoyed reading The Daily WTF, a blog dedicated to pointing out the absurdities developers encounter every day on the job. When I found out they had created the HiddenNetwork I decided to jump on board to try and help out.

The ad you see on the right-hand side is from their network. Prospective employers who read this blog who are looking to hire someone, please visit to place an ad with their network. It's hard to find talented people, and the folks at HiddenNetwork think that the type of people who read my blog are the type of people you want to hire.

I get money if people read this blog posting and post a job on the network using my referral code. It's that simple. Finding a good job is hard, so if I can help employers and employees find each other, I'm a happy camper.