Live From php|works Day 2 (sitting in the lobby edition)

Day 2 is over and I had a good time. Lots of great feedback from people who saw my talk, which again is good for the ego and will definitely encourage me to push this talk to other conferences and even come up with some more talks.

After the Flash talking to PHP session I went to a talk by Lukas Smith on creating portable database code. I had been thinking about a lot of these things for my supersecret project, so it's nice to get a complimentary viewpoint on it. Again, I wish I had thought of this stuff when working on the dating site stuff instead of the horrible mishmash we ended up creating. Learn from your mistakes is the key.

Oh yeah, I also got a mention over at the Zend Developer Zone in Cal Evan's round-up about day 2 at php|works. After my interview yesterday he told me that the interview should be available in about a month as he's still processing the interviews he did at OSCON.