Run-up To php|works and some AJAX fun

Ah, only one more day of work (today) then I'm off to php|works for three days, and hopefully not embarassing myself during my talk "What Can PHP Learn From Rails". I hope to run into some people I met before and make some new friends. It's weird going to a conference where you really don't know anyone and no co-workers are coming with you. Luckily I'm not shy, so I'm sure I'll make some friends while I'm there.

I spent some time yesterday adding some code to the stats reporting system I created for work to display an animated graphic (stolen from AjaxPatterns, a site I find myself going to more and more as I expand my l33t skillz to include practical Ajax stuff). Using the Yahoo YUI, here's all the javascript code I'm using to make it happen: ~~~ ~~~

This example is from a report that scrapes Google Analytics and then presents the data. I wish I could say I was smart enough to figure out the Google Analytics stuff on my own, but I wasn't. It's a made-for-CakePHP solution and you can find it here at ThinkingPHP. Man, I love it when people smarter than me have figured stuff out. ;)