What Chris Is Thinking About

Another lively round-up of things I'm thinking about

  • ugh, this consulting gig I'm doing is cutting into my prep-time for doing slides for my presentation on the 14th
  • making more plans for my supersecret project
  • what happened to the unit tests I wrote for my Zend Framework AudioScrobbler plugin? Gotta dig through the subversion logs
  • Comet (streaming requests from server to browser and back for things like web-based chat like Meebo) looks very interesting...and may have some applications for my supersecret project
  • SportsTicker just blasts too much info at you in their streams. I could work full-time just parsing all the data out
  • Ruthless refactoring always shows you that what you thought you knew when you started on a piece of code is always vastly different from what you actually knew when you finished it